• Community Suffers Loss of YouTuber Tony

    In a devastating blow to community members, family and friends, we have lost two individuals in the last week.

    The entire community was blindsided by the news early Monday morning that MMTLP YouTuber Tony had passed away.


    Tony was known for his detailed analysis and number crunching on all things MMTLP. His YouTube channel “Market Moves” was relied on by many for his calm, cool delivery of facts. He was extremely active in the community boasting 5.57K subscribers and more than 180 videos. He also posted regular tweets and stopped into Twitter Spaces to share his in-depth knowledge of the fiasco with the community.

    The community is grieving over this loss by posting tributes online. This video, created by Jen, is a wonderful tribute to his work and love for the MMTLP community.

    Little is known at this time over the situation surrounding his passing other than this Tweet from Andrew.

    It’s a-shame that Tony will not be around to see the success of the community he fought so hard for. No matter what, his contributions will be remembered as leading the MMTLP family to a successful resolution.

    The news of Tony passing follows other sad news just learned last week about community member Susan Mc who also passed away as reported by her sister L.

    This just goes to show you that life is precious, and we are never guaranteed another day on this Earth. Live for each day like it’s your last!

    Prayers go out to Tony and Susan’s families and friends during this difficult time.