• Day 250 Video Highlights Community

    Hard to believe it but we have now reached 250 days of our assets being frozen. A new video highlights the journey and the community.

    A new video from MMTLP Resources created by Krucialmix was launched today. The video features community members from Twitter (X) Spaces along with a music track that seems spot on for the MMTLP situation entitled “Justice For All”.

    “This video took awhile to create as I had to power through listening to many old Space calls from all the way back in December” says Krucialmix. “I hope the community enjoys the look back at our positive moments and the remarkable community we have fighting for Justice.”

    If you’d like to add a copy of this video to any of your tweets without tagging everyone, simply copy and paste the following code at the bottom of your tweet:


    The end of the video dedicates the project to memorialize both Tony and Susan, who recently passed away.