• DC Trip Inspires Hope & New Action Items

    A surprise trip to DC by community members raises hope for a resolution along with some new action items.

    Community rockstars Anna and Cyntax paid a visit to the Nation’s Capital and had 17 meetings with different Congressional offices about MMTLP.

    “What an Amazing and positive trip to DC… Anna and I had only positive interactions and made so many amazing connections. This has been a beautiful trip and has renewed so much faith. Stay tuned Anna and I will be discussing actionable items.”


    Thank you Anna and Cyntax for taking time away from your families, your work, and using your own funds to travel to Washington DC.

    Busy Brands hosted an X space call with Anna and Cyntax where they gave a brief on their trip, along with some actionable items the community can work on.

    The recording is available here:

    The community is abuzz with messages of positive interaction with Congress lately. From this report by Cyntax and Anna, to Don Fizz’s reports about endless Zoom meetings with Congressional staff, we are certainly being heard.

    Anna recommends a renewed effort to seek out your local Congressional Representative and ask them to contact and send letters to Patrick McHenry’s office.

    So far Congressman McHenry from Louisiana hasn’t been interested in using the subpoena option with the SEC and more pressure is needed. McHenry is the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and fresh off his stint as acting House Speaker.

    It was also stated that most Congressional offices are just as frustrated with the SEC and FINRA as we are as demand response dates are going by with little or no information being presented.

    Congressional offices have reported that the MMTLP calls and letters are slowing down. We have a lot of positive movement happening with Congress but now is not the time to slow down or stop. Please call your local Congressional office today!

    A tweet from Ven Hazzak will give you all the information and phone numbers you need to start making a difference.