• Next Bridge Revises S-1, Gives AST Share Count

    An amended S-1 from Next Bridge gives some info as to share count currently held at AST and gives us further information on the subscription rights offering.

    “The number of shares of common stock of NBH reasonably anticipated to be eligible for subscription rights is up to 248,830,516, the total number of shares of common stock of NBH outstanding as of the dare of this prospectus.”

    “As of October 1, 2023 without taking into account satisfaction of the holding period, the company estimates that approximately 132,756,463 shares of common stock are directly registered with the transfer agent, making up approximately Fifty-Three percent (53%) of the total number of shares.”

    So, 53% of the total number of shares are at AST now according to Next Bridge.

    A recent shareholder survey from September indicates how MMTLP Shareholders feel about AST and their status.

    JunkSavvy breaks down the numbers nicely in this tweet:

    The full S-1 is available at this link.