• Evidence of MMTLP Wrongdoing Goes Back to Initial Trading

    New evidence shows MMTLP started with a fraudulent OTC listing. But some are worried just how long until manufactured evidence shows up?

    These preferred shares were never supposed to trade. But they did anyway due to a “loophole” exploited by shorts. The SEC document from Meta Materials had the word transferrable in it.

    Huckleberry, along with Cyntax and some of the other MMTLP due diligence team have uncovered some of the evidence showing that in fact MMTLP was not properly prepared for trading.

    This isn’t anything any of us didn’t already know. However, it is some actual proof that this ticker traded fraudulently. It’s unsure how this information will play moving forward. Could it be used by Mark Basile, Roza, or any of the other legal challenges? Possibly. Could a new lawsuit be filed based on this new information? Likely.

    Some community members are concerned that since the premise of this information means the MMTLP they may have purchased was fraudulent, a judge could issue an order to just cancel everything and refund the money people paid.

    This is an unlikely scenario, because shares of MMTLP were legitimately issued to thousands of TRCH holders. Essentially, you can’t just throw out everything just because some illegal activity took place.

    Another concern that we ourselves hold is related to actions FINRA has already engaged in. Backdating.

    We can’t trust FINRA, or the SEC. They’ve already been accused of backdating the ticker deletion notification, what’s to stop them from doctoring a few forms?

    Outside of this, all of this does beg the question, what can be done since it started trading illegally? It would seem that if this is proven to and recognized by a court, it could potentially pave the way for more discovery in this case. And this is exactly what we need to prove counterfeit shares. DISCOVERY.

    Listen to the Twitter Space Call recording announcement here:


    More information on this will be forthcoming. Smokey and Huckleberry will be making a video this weekend with further explanations and we will be sharing it on MMTLP Resources.