• FINRA Settlement Discussions Fail in BlueSheet Petition

    It has been reported by JunkSavvy that the petition for the bluesheets for attorney Mark Basile’s case in New York will go forward as planned. Any type of settlement discussions have broken down.

    This just means the case will proceed as previously indicated and according to this timeline:

    • FINRA response to court 6/2/23
    • MMTLP response due to court 6/9/23
    • Oral arguments (Zoom or equivalent) with the judge 6/13/23 (2:30PM EST)

    The fact that a settlement could not be reached tends to indicate to us that FINRA is not ready to supply the bluesheets and will argue against it on the 13th. Apparently there must be something to hide?

    June should be an exciting month.

    As a reminder for those that are new to this case, this is not a case for MMTLP settlement, and only releasing of data. Read more about the case here. Also, check out the new article about the upcoming battle from Frank Nez.