• Community Braces for Wall Street Journal Article

    It’s been shared many times that some community members have been in discussion with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal regarding MMTLP and an article is set to be coming out soon.

    Just like with the disappointing FORBES article that came out in April, we are suggesting that the community have realistic expectations on this article. MMTLP Resources was on the space call with Brandon Kochkodin and we could already tell that it was likely the article might not be favorable to our community.

    While there was no Space call with this WSJ article, Andrew has his own suspicions after speaking to the reporter that he shared in a tweet.

    These questions are likely legitimate based on the ownership of WSJ and the ties to the most successful hedge fund of all time.

    The Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp, a company in which Ken Griffin’s CITADEL has a large stake. Citadel is one of the major hedge funds famous for shorting stocks into oblivion.

    See Frank Nez’s article on the Wall Street Journal here:

    So all this sums up to we don’t know what to expect when the WSJ releases their MMTLP article. We hope it will at least share both sides and ask the hard questions our community has put forth at a minimum. It should not be a mouth-piece for Citadel, FINRA, or other shorts but we’ll have to see what we get when it is released.