• Hey Tony – Forbes Speculates Oil at $300

    The communities least favorite publication, Forbes, puts out an article speculating with today’s inflation oil could reach as high as $300 a barrel.

    You can read the full article here.


    So let’s see, what would this do to our MMTLP investment? I know of one person who would be very excited to graph this out! I sure wish Tony was around because his estimated value of dividend graphs based on oil prices were the way many of us discovered his talents.

    Like this post from October 2022.

    Since the price of oil only goes up to $150 a barrel in his example, we speculate that we can just double this amount to find our Next Bridge dividend. That’s a $235 dividend per share (Not financial advice, pure speculation!). And throw in a little more for the natural gas while you’re at it.

    Rest in Peace Tony, your talents are already being missed.