• Greg McCabe Has Our Back With Congressional Zoom Call

    McCabe, the Chairman of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons and one of the largest MMTLP shareholders, was on a Zoom call today with the “highest levels of Congress”

    This is a huge deal. We know from past disclosures that Next Bridge tried negotiating with FINRA but those negotiations broke down long ago.

    It was reported today on an X Space call by Community member Don Fizz (Rich) that he attended a Congressional Zoom call with community members JR, Jen and Greg McCabe from Next Bridge.

    We don’t know what the talks are about, whether they are working toward some type of Position Close Only Settlement or some other form of resolution. But the fact that the Chairman of Next Bridge is actively involved is great news for all of us.

    Don Fizz reported that Next Bridge is “engaged” and “fighting for all of us.” McCabe is also one of the largest MMTLP Shareholders coming in with 12,862,492 shares of the energy company.

    Several community members were praising Don Fizz and all of the other active members fighting for justice. Several members came forward on the microphone in the Space call to thank everyone in the community for slowly but surely, making things happen.