• Occupy FINRA Coming To An Office Near You

    Last time it was #OccupySEC, and now 11 months later the new plan is to #OccupyFINRA on December 8th.

    A recent post on X has shared a new movement called “Occupy FINRA” which is coming up in a few weeks.

    The event, expected to be peaceful, will bring awareness to the MMTLP fiasco as shareholders peacefully demonstrate in front of local FINRA offices nationwide.

    The date chosen, December 8th, is exactly 1 year from the unprecedented U3 Halt by FINRA, when all 65,000 shareholders were unable to trade their shares. While some investors were ready to go to Next Bridge, others had planned on selling some or all of their shares if even to get money for the upcoming Christmas holiday. The problem being, no one had a choice.

    The MMTLP community has made tremendous inroads to a solution by advocating through Congress, but so far investors are still left without access to their funds.

    Here are the locations of all of the USA FINRA office.

    Considering this page will probably “disappear” off the FINRA website fairly quickly, we’ve copied the locations below.

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    After attending #OccupySEC in January, I can say it was a great experience. You’ll meet other shareholders and with enough organization and peaceful non-violent protesting, we can bring positive awareness to MMTLP one entire year later.

    Watch coverage of OccupySEC from Krucialmix, in the communities first video about MMTLP:

    Occupy SEC, January 2023

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