• Join Pulte’s MMTLP Community

    Bill Pulte has advocated for MMTLP Shareholders and created a community on X that you can join.

    The X community group currently has over 1.3K users.

    He’s stated that he will be releasing his MMTLP thoughts exclusively in the X Community, so be sure to join while you still can.

    He is giving signs that he will be actively engaging with shareholders in the community.

    In a recent Space call with Andrew Tate, Pulte brought up the MMTLP situation when discussing GME and stock manipulation.

    He is bringing more eyes to our community, and he currently has 3.1 million subscribers on X. You can hear the passion in his voice. We are proud to have him as an advocate for our community!

    ArtBurn has resurfaced and created an MMTLP image for him. We’ll see if he switches over to the new image with even more support for MMTLP!