• Renewed Call For Action By Congress

    Representative Ralph Norman and Pete Sessions issue a new letter to Gensler asking for a briefing.

    A surprise letter dropped on Wednesday, June 5th, renewing a call for answers from Gary Gensler and the SEC on MMTLP. A copy of the letter will be archived here.

    The tweet indicates his 40 bipartisan colleagues are also behind the weight of the letter in search for transparency.

    The letter acknowledges that they have “received information that the SEC is investigating events related to MMTLP.” From Gary Gensler’s former testimony, he would neither confirm nor deny even if an investigation was taking place. The response to the open letter was also not clear about any investigations.

    The letter asks for a response by June 15th, 2024, to confirm their commitment to briefing members of Congress on their findings.

    Unfortunately, this can easily be seen as a “kick the can down the road” opportunity for Gensler because it states “…upon the completion of your investigation.”

    Gensler will certainly cling to these words as the SEC will likely say their investigation will be ongoing for months… or even years.

    Nonetheless, the letter is a positive development for MMTLP Shareholders, and we are thankful to both Ralph Norman and Pete Sessions for following up if they genuinely are trying to get to the bottom of the situation.

    Or are they just kicking the can so we get past the legal lawsuit deadline of December this year?

    An updated letter puts a tiny bit more pressure on the SEC and once again puts the MMTLP story in front of many eyes.

    Representative Ralph Norman followed his initial tweet with two additional replies naming the 40 other Representatives’ X handles.

    As shareholders, our role is crucial. We need to take action. The request remains the same–we need to push for a hearing on MMTLP. We urge you to contact Congress and request a Congressional hearing on MMTLP.