• Laura Loomer Features MMTLP

    Laura Loomer featured Drew Diligence and the entire MMTLP story on her Rumble video podcast for nearly an hour and a half.

    Her program, Loomer Unleashed, is available on the link below. The MMTLP segment was the second topic on the show. Being the second topic allowed MMTLP to be discussed for nearly an entire hour and a half.

    Laura’s podcast has 34,000 subscribers, and this episode featuring MMTLP had approximately 2500 consistent viewers during the program. The total viewership listed on Rumble currently stands at 47, 000 for the program.

    Loomer has formerly worked for Project Veritas and is a political activist. She mentioned several times on the program she just wants to use her program to help people. and she just heard about MMTLP after Charles Payne’s re-tweet.

    Props to Andrew, he did a remarkable job explaining the MMTLP situation and covering all the important points with Laura.


    Thanks to all the chat participants that referenced MMTLP Resources.com, which was brought up live during the program. With so many new eyes on MMTLP, this site is a great resource.

    The first topic on the show included guest Seamus Bremmer and discussed the recent Trump Colorado Ballot decision.

    Please reach out to Laura on X @LauraLoomer and thank her for devoting so much time to MMTLP.

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