• Look Who’s Talking – FINRA Speaks

    Out of the blue, FINRA adds an update to their FAQ’s, showing they are running scared from the social media and Congressional pressure along with several “terms” they just don’t understand.

    Access the new FAQ web page here.

    The new propaganda FAQ’s clearly show that the social media campaign against FINRA by the MMTLP community is working. They reference it many times, and actually mention “audited share count”, “naked shorts” and “counterfeit shares” which they seemingly do not understand. They simply love to add quotations to terms they don’t like.

    Community member Kurtis perfectly sums up their lack of knowledge about what counterfeit shares are:

    “Phantom shares created by naked shorting are analogous to counterfeit money.”

    Former sec chairman harvey pitt

    The FAQ’s talk about not being able to get any share count data.

    FINRA does not possess the information that presumably would be required to conduct such a “share count audit.”

    FINRA FAQ’s, November 6, 2023

    The word “presumably” is very telling.

    They of course never mention that they already told us in a FOIA email that they were “bluesheeting” MMTLP and MMAT back in December 2022 due to fraud. Instead, they spend a half a paragraph on telling us how bluesheeting would tell us nothing.

    IronApe and John Brda weigh in on the absurdity plus the note that more info will be coming soon.

    Watch as Houston Wade goes through every point in the new MMTLP FINRA FAQS in this video:

    Starting point for the MMTLP discussion 24:19

    On Tuesday morning Andrew posted a good rebuttal to FINRA’s new post.

    On November 26th community member qntainmnt also put out a video regarding the second FAQs.