• Meta Addresses Shareholders on MMTLP and More

    An email from Meta Materials actually addresses MMTLP, the ousting of George Palikaras, and their precious Reverse Split they all want us to vote yes on.

    The letter was sent via email and also posted on the company website as mentioned in a tweet by Meta News.

    Please note, It’s important to cast your shareholder vote but we’re not offering any advice on how to vote. Nope. We’re Not. No way. But it is important to do it right now. The shareholder meeting is scheduled for December 11.

    Shareholders have continued to express concerns over many issues and user SteamRoller has recently posted questions for the new Board of Directors.

    George Palikaras, the founder and ousted CEO recently tweeted a challenge to current CEO Harding to have a spirited debate about the future direction of the company.