• New Petitions Seek Trading Records, Sharecount, Hearings

    Two new change.org petitions seek action from Congress on data and hearings on MMTLP.

    The petitions were started by Community member Cyntax and she indicates the idea was suggested as a recommendation of her Senator’s staff.

    The first petition is geared toward residents of Florida and the second petition is available for anyone to sign.

    Petition for Everyone

    Petition for Florida Residents Only

    Cyntax explains the petitions here:

    We’ve gained some great momentum with Congress with all of the letters that have been issued on our behalf, but we need to keep the pressure up. These petitions are a great way to show Congress our numbers and demand for more action on MMTLP.

    These petitions are clearly thought out and have true actionable items that they are asking for:

    1.  Subpoena the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), and/or the Options Clearing Corporation for:

          a.  All trading records (e.g. Electronic Blue Sheet data, Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) data, etc.) of stock tickers TRCH, MMATF, MMAT, and MMTLP.  This data should include all Long, Short, IOU, and Options transactions for each ticker

          b.  All documentation which authorized tickers MMATF and MMTLP to publicly trade on the OTC market. If no documentation exists, require FINRA to cite specific processes and rules used to allow these tickers to trade without company authorization or desire

          c.  All regulatory filings (SEC Edgar, etc.) pertaining to the merger of Torchlight Energy and Metamaterials

          d.  All regulatory filings (SEC Edgar, etc.) pertaining to the spin-off of the Metamaterials Series A Preferred Shares (MMTLP) into the private company Nextbridge Hydrocarbons

      2.  Commission a 3rd party audit of all trading data, ticker authorizations, regulatory filings, etc., culminating in a report that:

          a.  Provides a full accounting of all trade transactions for stock tickers TRCH, MMATF, MMAT, and MMTLP

          b.  Provides a summary of all currently open MMTLP/NBH trading positions

          c.  Provides a timeline of events, and explanations of each event

      3.  As applicable, hold congressional hearings / meetings with stakeholders  in order to:

          a.  Identify root causes

          b.  Generate corrective actions

          c.  Identify an acceptable stakeholder resolution

    Imagine what we could do with this information! Thanks to Cyntax for putting together these petitions, and please sign the one(s) applicable to your location (Florida or anywhere)!