• Next Bridge Breaks Silence – sort of

    Community member Jennifer has been in contact with Clifton DuBose, the CEO of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons. While originally the company seemed they were going to offer greater transparency, it never materialized.

    Jennifer submitted community questions to Clifton and weeks later these questions have not been addressed. A set of “FAQS” was sent out but mostly contained already known facts and fell short of the feedback the community desired.

    Jennifer has now received a new message from Clifton which suggests a strategy to the silence and possibly more transparency coming soon.

    I for one won’t be holding my breath. But thanks to Jennifer for continuing to pursue answers for the community on our pseudo investment into Next Bridge Hyrdocarbons. We hope Clifton changes paths and starts providing more information on what can be done to resolve all of our issues caused by broker-dealers, market makers and hedge funds.

    We recognize this issue is not caused by NBH, but need greater transparency from them on how it will be resolved.

    — MMTLP Resources