• Richard Hoffman’s Lawsuit Goes After Bluesheets, Too

    Richard Hoffman’s California lawsuit is much like the other lawsuits against MMTLP, slow moving.

    But filings and responses continue to be filed. Richard has filed a “reply to opposition to notice of motion and motion for expedited discovery.” Basically this is Richard’s chance to give more reasons why the case should not be dismissed and should move to discovery.

    The full filing document can be accessed here.

    The carefully crafted statement references the FOIA emails which mention that the bluesheets were already pulled in December 2022 and argues that seeing these sheets can prove or disprove this case easily.

    A hearing date is set for 5-22-23 in California.

    Richard’s latest video update is pasted below from May 3. It discusses his case and others including Mark Basile’s case, which is a petition for pre-filing discovery.