• Next Bridge Receives New Well Permits

    I know many of us are in this for quick cash from two days of trading or a settlement for the U3 halt, but the fact of the matter is Next Bridge could be a great bet long term.

    CPLANT has recently reported in a tweet that Next Bridge had three new well permits approved.

    The documentation shows two approvals but it’s possible the third one has also already been approved.

    There have been rumors of newly discovered oil and gas on other areas of the Next Bridge land. These new drill permits could support this.

    As a reminder, oil is currently priced at around $75 a barrel. Some experts are predicting oil prices around $100 a barrel by year end.


    The higher the price of oil, the more Next Bridge’s assets are worth, which means a higher dividend for shareholders when eventually they sell their assets.

    This is the long game, and not what most people are currently interested in. But no matter how you look at it, there could be a rich payday 1-3 years away when these assets are fully proven, developed and sold. After all, we have no idea how long litigation, Congressional efforts or stalling tactics will continue anyway.

    Next Bridge CEO Clifton DuBose has recently teased an update for shareholders within the next couple of weeks. Sadly, we’re still waiting for the December teased shareholder presentation that is still yet to materialize.