• This Message Asks The Tough Questions

    Want a synopsis of our entire case 225 days later?
    Community member Huckleberry has posted a well thought out message of the state of MMTLP and its many shareholders.

    The message text is below, followed by the tweet.

    I was taught that the first step to success is showing up. We have shown up. On behalf of 65,000 shareholders currently mired in this financial chicanery, we continue to show up. We know something stinks. Something isn’t right, and thousands of your constituents have been needlessly hurt in the process. I didn’t say financially hurt, because that doesn’t give recognition to the families torn apart at the seams, the literal lives lost, and the thousands of dollars that have been taken from investors when they needed it most at Christmas time. We are only asking for what should be happening automatically; A formal investigation into what has happened here.

    Let me expand. Because this corruption of our capital markets has likely been happening from within our regulatory agencies, we want to implore you to take responsibility for this investigation. As is evidenced by the recent fallout with Gary Gensler at the SEC and the MANY market makers, banks and hedge funds like Goldman Sachs, Jp Morgan, Wells Fargo, Alpine, and BlackRock that have been allowed to take advantage of retail traders. We very respectfully ask that this investigation be done by an independent panel or committee that is not part of the current regulatory or financial kabal currently in place. We don’t “Know” how many shares truly exist, and neither does the company know its shareholders. This is a problem. If we are mistaken, please tell us so with an actuated and aggregated share count, and we will get back to our lives knowing we did everything we could. The question that looms, given how relentlessly we have called, mailed letters, and even visited many of your offices, If it was this easy to have us “go away” why has this not been done yet? If a typical time frame for resolving a complicated situation like a share imbalance is days or even a few weeks, why has our stock been halted for more than 6 months?

    If the transfer of shares between a broker and transfer agent normally takes just a few days, why are we waiting 8-12 weeks and in some cases being told we CAN’T? Why did FINRA wait until 2 days before the completion of the spin out to finally halt the stock from trading, even though email evidence shows they had been investigating possible fraud for over a year? Why did they (FINRA) change the corporate action after just 24 hours, if it’s just the shareholders that did not understand, why is there a video of the VP of the OTC Markets on national television stating the same as we all have, that trading wasn’t to be stopped until end of trading on monday Dec. 12th instead of pre-market friday Dec 9th.?

    If nothing was nefarious, why are so many of these things out of the ordinary like they are? So here is what we ask, since we are left without substantial answers on which to make an informed decision.

    1) Please have the Ticker MMTLP (Cusip 59134N203) formally investigated by an independent committee. 

    2) Please get the aggregated and actuated share count of ALL outstanding shares. We do not need personal non-public information. Any personal information can and should be redacted, but the investors deserve to know whether or not they were sold counterfeit shares.

    3) if it is shown that an imbalance of shares has occurred, as there are only 165M true and bonafide shares that should have been trading. + or – the 4M legitimately shorted shares as reported by FINRA in their FAQ, that means even 1 share over this amount shows that a crime has been allowed to happen. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to be JUST 1 share over, but 100s of Millions of shares over. Which means that THOUSANDS of your constituents are currently the victim of this crime. Each day this is allowed to go on, is another day that these bad actors are able to continue this scam. SO the question is this, Who was involved?

    WHO was the market maker that got this listed in the first place?

    WHO is the market maker that counterfeited and took advantage of shareholders?

    WHO were the Brokers that allowed for this to happen?

    WHO were the regulators that turned a blind eye while it was happening?

    WHO benefited from these actions, and who helped them evade the detections that should have prevented it?

    4) Resolution; how can we possibly or appropriately recommend resolution without knowing the full extent of the crime? This is like asking for an appraisal on a home without knowing the address. It could be a shanty or a mansion. Without investigating the property there is no way to know what to ask for it. This is no different. How do we know what to ask for until we know just what we have? If what we suspect is true, I can tell you we deserve justice, and I hope we have elected somebody who sees the value in that.

    On behalf of the MMTLP community and with all due respect.