• Report: John Brda invited to Give Congress Presentation

    But not the one we wanted.

    May 26th UPDATE: The meeting with Congress/FINRA has been postponed. Read more here.

    Cyntax has reported that a staffer in Pete Sessions office has confirmed that John Brda would be welcome to give a presentation to staff at Pete Sessions office. This is separate from the Congress meeting on the 26th however.

    The focus this week will then be to have Brda invited to attend the Congress/FINRA meeting on May 26th.

    It’s important that we have a representative there to tell our (true) side of the story, and we can think of no one better than John Brda.

    The report from Cyntax indicated that Wes Christian would also be invited in, however John reported that Wes preferred not to attend the Congress meeting if invited so that the presence of council doesn’t stymie the discussions.

    On the space call it was discussed as also having Kurtis present at the Congress/FINRA meeting, which MMTLP Resources fully supports.

    Thank you to Cyntax for maintaining your contact with Sessions and sharing this information. We hope that the recorded invitation for a Brda/Christian presentation will extend and turn into an invite for John at the May 26th Congress/FINRA meeting. Community members should focus on this through all of our representatives this upcoming week.