• The James Angel Georgetown Congress Presentation

    The community now has a copy of the presentation that James Angel gave to Congress over Zoom regarding MMTLP.

    You can download the PDF of the presentation here.

    It contains many misrepresentations, including how MMTLP started trading originally.

    Cyntax has also learned that James’ presentation was officially sanctioned by Georgetown, as reported by Tucker from Pete Sessions office. This means the Unviersity is behind any mistruths and falsehoods found in the presentation.

    In addition to these, the community has learned much about James Angel and the many conflicts of interest he may have for presenting information on MMTLP. He holds patents for PFOF and Dark Pools in his name. You can read the original news thread about James here.

    You can read the Open Letter to Congress rebuttal to this presentation from Kevin Berthold as posted on Linked In at this link (Linked In account not required to view).

    It is very important that the community makes sure that Congress knows exactly who was giving them the information about MMTLP and any conflicts of interest he may have.

    It’s also important that the faculty, staff, and even students at Georgetown realize the information the James is sharing with Congress and the problems with it. Community, do your thing!

    After reviewing the presentation, various community members have pointed out problems with it.