• Representative Cites Constituent’s Being ‘Blindsided’ by U3 Halt in New Letter.

    Add another new letter to our growing pile of Representatives demanding answers for MMTLP.

    This new letter posted by Community member Mike comes from Democratic Congressman Josh Harder. Harder represents California’s Central Valley.

    Harder points out the situation with the trading halt and deletion of MMTLP in December 2022 and tells Gary Gensler, the letter’s recipient, that his constituents were blindsided.

    “These decisions left many of my constituents blindsided and without clarity on the future of their investments”

    Representative josh harder

    The letter asks for a share count, a timeline for resolution, and what the SEC is doing to work with Next Bridge Hydrocarbons for a resolution. It also states that FINRA has a responsibility to protect investors and safeguard the integrity of public markets. What a concept!

    Let’s keep getting more letters from our local representatives!

    Krucialmix offers his take on what’s going on behind the scenes and that he feels Congress already knows what’s up:

    An copy of this letter will be archived on MMTLP Resources at this location.