• Shakeup at META Not Affecting Wes Christian’s Work

    With the surprising developments over at Meta Materials, Wes Christian speaks positively about his continuing MMTLP investigation with Meta.

    Let’s face it, it’s been some rough times for MMTLP investors for coming up on a year now. And recently, Meta Materials has joined them with their stock (MMAT) down to $.18 along with the firing of George Palikaras and a potential reverse split on the annual meeting’s ballot.

    Those unfamiliar might not know that Meta Materials was the company involved in the creation of what is now Next Bridge Hydrocarbons through its reverse merger with Torchlight Energy. While Meta had tried to distance themselves for the longest time with the MMTLP situation, they more recently hired Wes Christian’s law firm to try to get some answers on both MMTLP stock and their own MMAT short abuse.

    But this was all instigated while Palikaras was at the helm. What happens now with their investigating now that he was fired? Will they continue or will the new CEO be more like an Adam Aaron of AMC, wanting nothing to do with any type of short investigations?

    Wes Christian addressed some of this in his recent Space call, to which Andrew captured the invidviual sound byte.

    So while there’s not much good news with our MMAT investment right now, these words give us positive hope for continued cooperation between Meta Materials and the law firm Christian Smith & Jewell, LLP.