• Wes Christian Gives Motherload Update

    A space call hosted by Busy Brands and Junk Savvy gave us an update on his work with Meta.

    Listen to the audio clip here. Thanks Liz from WI.

    In short, everything they are doing so far is to beat the inevitable “motion to dismiss”. They are still working with Meta to try to figure out a way to make everyone whole.

    They are being fought at every level, by everyone especially the governmental organizations, getting some of the normal information they usually get.

    He asked us to remain cautiously optimistic.

    “We’re doing the best we can and it’s an enormous job. All of our team is working very hard and we just spent two days in NY working on that case itself.”

    Wes Christian

    Attorney Rob Shapiro was also on the space call and the beginnings of the call focused more broadly on the problems with the market in general. Listen to the entire call below.