• “Something Is Happening”

    A positive outlook from JunkSavvy gives hope during a recent space call.

    After 500+ days, it’s easy to get depressed about our situation. Junk Savvy gave some information in her space call that is a real pick-me-up for MMTLP shareholders.

    While she admittedly speculates, her thoughts are based on some of the significant new developments in the fight against naked shorts and counterfeit shares.

    She also advised us not to take Next Bridge Hydrocarbon’s silence as a sign of inaction.

    “Something is happening! If you step back and look at the greater picture, something is truly happening, and MMTLP is sitting right in the middle of it. I am more confident now than ever that we will get our resolution.”

    JUNK SAVVY from Twitter (X) Space Call

    You can listen to the 1.5x recording of Junk’s comments here posted by sam i_am:

    Or, tune in to the entire space call below:

    Devin Nunes has been on a media tour to spread the word about naked shorting for their stock, $DJT. This only helps us; his letter to Congress even included the MMTLP Open Letter!

    Stay tuned community! The next few weeks could be really exciting.