• Richie Plans Another DC Trip

    DC juggernaut Richie is planning another visit to the halls of DC and is scheduling appointments.

    Richie has spent many days in DC helping our community. And now he plans to be in DC for more appointments from May 6 – May 10th.

    Please see the schedule below and contact Jen if you have a meeting booked as she is keeping track.

    Let’s get Richie in front of your Congressional Representative or Senator and push the request for an MMTLP hearing.

    MMTLP Impact Stories and letters are still welcome!

    Submit them to: IMPACTMMTLP@GMAIL.COM.

    You can listen to this somewhat ‘chipmunked’ recording explaining how important these letters are (1.25x speed).:

    Thanks to Richie for heading back, and thanks to Jen for helping to schedule for MMTLP shareholders.

    MMTLP community – it’s now up to you to help fill his schedule with meetings!