• Submit This Form To Reach Congress

    The community is still tasked to request a hearing for MMTLP, and here’s an easy way to make a difference.

    Our recent news article asked everyone to call their local Representatives to request a hearing for MMTLP from James Comer. Kudos to those who made the call.

    Now a House Oversight Committee website has been identified that has a simple web form you can fill out and request the same.

    Thanks to Rob USA for sharing.

    Click on to the House Oversight Website and blow the whistle! From this simple form you can relay the MMTLP summary and specifically ask for an oversight hearing for the MMTLP fiasco.

    This is another simple task that anyone can do! Share this with your fellow shareholders; the more we flood their email, the better. The response from FINRA and the SEC has been unacceptable.

    Write your own information, or borrow from this sample letter.

    The text is also copied below for reference:

    As shareholders of MMTLP, we are requesting an oversight hearing involving the SEC and FINRA to investigate the counterfeit share problem for over 65,000 investors’ frozen funds.

    It has been nearly 500 days since investors lost access to their funds, and Congress has taken the lead with Representative Ralph Norman’s Open Letter. However, the responses from both FINRA and the SEC have been unacceptable.

    A hearing and an MMTLP Sharecount are required to investigate this. Please have James Comer schedule an MMTLP hearing as soon as possible.