• Take the MMTLP Shareholder Survey

    A new shareholder survey is now available. Please share with other MMTLP shareholders so we can all learn more information from our diverse community.

    MMTLP Resources has launched a new unofficial shareholder survey of all the questions you want to know.

    Take the survey yourself, pass it on, and then learn how your fellow shareholders feel when we report the results.

    Link: https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/QWLsth9l

    The shareholder survey asks questions to those involved in the MMTLP fiasco everything from where your shares were purchased to your thoughts on transferring your shares to AST.

    The 28 question survey will take you approximately 6 minutes to complete and you will remain anonymous. We do not even ask for your name or email address.

    The purpose of the survey is to share all this information with the MMTLP community so people know what other shareholders are thinking and/or may be struggling with.

    The shareholder survey does not offer financial advice.

    Please pass this survey link on to other shareholders so we can get the largest data sample as possible.

    Thank you for your participation!