• Marathon Space Call To Elon Results in Account Suspension

    For over 40 hours Drew Diligence has been hosting a Space call with the hope of attracting Elon Musk to the room.

    The effort by Andrew to get Elon Musk, the owner of Spaces and all things “X” to join the conversation has so far been unsuccessful. Andrew has pledged to keep the space call going until midnight tonight and not sleep until Elon joins to hear about MMTLP and the 65K investors that are hurting. The hashtag #20Minutes is being used to spearhead the cause.

    Join the space call effort here:


    Has the effort caught the attention of the richest man in the world yet? A few hours ago his Twitter/X account was suspended so the answer is still a mystery.

    Oddly, the space call continues even though it is being hosted by the suspended account. This has created a new theme in the room with X-files background music playing and talk of ghost hosting filling the otherwise sometimes nonsensical chatter in the room which has been live for more than 44 hours.

    While the @FreeCommercials account continues to host the space call, everything else about the account comes up suspended. There are currently just over 200 people listening to the space call but we found trouble even trying to find the Space.

    Searching for “MMTLP” yielded no results.

    Perhaps even stranger, at one point we picked up an MMTLP space hosted by a community antagonist which appeared to support Andrew if only in the Space title.

    Dozens of community members have been giving support through various Tweets directed to Elon, some referencing the ghost account.


    Andrew has pledged “I can’t sleep until this is over”, and we presume this means until Elon Musk joins the space call. Andrew further stated “I [will] continue these efforts until the strike of midnight tonight. If people in the community want to grab the torch after that and run with it, then fine.”

    While we recognize this noble effort, perhaps he should be allowed a few cat naps along the way to stay alert & healthy.

    To support Andrew’s effort, please search for the hashtag #20minutes and retweet or create your own tweets asking Elon to join the space call.

    This Labor Day, our community is truly laboring in fight of our cause.