• Twitter Suspends Account for Sharing MMTLP Truth Video

    YouTuber and community member Terry posted a reminder and message to Pete Sessions and says his Twitter account was suspended because of it.

    He has since regained access to his Twitter account, but this video clip is important to our case because it shows the Vice President of the OTC markets Jeff Mendl saying “Per FINRA corporate action… the last trading day of MMTLP is December 12th”.

    The exact quote is:

    “Per FINRA’s Corporate action uh, corporate action, that came out. Basically what that means, MMTLP is being deleted as a ticker after the trading day on the 12th. So, deleted on the 13th.”

    Jeff Mendl – OTC Markets

    The important part here is “after the trading day on the 12th” which indicates that it was supposed to trade on the 12th of December.

    Also, on this recording he says the word “DELETED”, when originally it said “CANCELLED”. This was a one word change that FINRA did at the very end and none of us really knew why. Jeff was probably sent out on TV to get this “DELETED” word out there. That one word made a difference in how the security was handled. It has already been reported that Meta Materials did NOT ask for, or authorize that word change.

    Glad Terry is back online, it’s a bit concerning that Musk’s Twitter would pull his account for sharing a MMTLP truth video which will likely be used as evidence in our case moving forward if that’s indeed what happened. I’m sure Terry will let us know if he finds out it was unrelated.