• We Want You! To Make Calls For MMTLP

    This important tweet and spreadsheet will let you make calls and send emails very easily.

    BagelWeatherman reports that we only have 4 days in November and 10 days in December to reach out to Congress (business days). That’s a total of 14 days left through this year to help make a difference and support the cause.

    Fortunately for all of us, Ven Hazzak has made this easy with this spreadsheet which contains every name, phone number and X handle you could possibly want. Be sure to check out the various tabs of contact information including:

    House Committee on Ethics
    Joint Economic Committee
    Senior Advocacy
    Chief of Staffs
    SEC Board
    House Committee Appropriations
    Senate Banking
    Subcommittee on International Trade
    House Financial Services
    Attorneys General
    State Representatives

    It couldn’t be easier! Thanks to Ven Hazzak for publishing and updating this information! Will you make a few calls on your break or after work?

    These calls and emails to our elected representatives help. We have come a long way in 11 months, and it’s this advocacy that has helped us get this far. No, we’re not at the finish line yet, but we have made great strides and we have the attention of Congress! Don’t let up now!