• Attorney Suggests Resolution Within 60 Days

    An X Space Call hosted by Busy Brands gives us insight from Attorney Mark Basile on a resolution potentially within 60 days or less.

    Attorney Mark Basile from Basile Law Firm, P.C. spends time in a Space call with his thoughts on a potential resolution timeline for MMTLP shareholders.

    “I’m getting this gut feeling that you will have a resolution within the next 60 days”


    This 6 minute recording covers the majority of his positive remarks.

    Basile went on to say that it’s the mounting pressure from the community and now from Next Bridge Hydrocarbons that’s making the difference.

    He suggested Congressional pressure can put pressure back on the agencies and their supervisory power also includes “the power of the purse.” Congress could pull away funding for some of these agencies should they not enforce the laws that are already on the books.

    He also mentioned information about another lawsuit that will be filed soon regarding a FOIA request that was not approved for community member JR Ewing. So far FOIA requests have all been denied (beyond the bombshell first one submitted by Howard) because the SEC cites an “ongoing investigation” which no one ever reveals.

    While Mark doesn’t feel that it’s likely that we can still receive the majority hope of a “position close only’ trading resolution, he does see the opportunity for shareholders to be compensated. “I really hope it’s a lot of money for each one of you,” he stated.

    Liz from WI posted an additional clip from the call where Mark shares his thoughts on how his thinking has evolved toward the Congressional pressure the community has applied so well.

    Mark Basile is a Securities Litigation Attorney representing public companies and shareholders in complex financial litigation. He is not an MMTLP shareholder but has helped many respected community members including Cyntax and Anna and has worked pro-bono in filing lawsuits on shareholder’s behalf.

    Community members have had mixed feelings in regards to his assistance over the last several months.

    The full Space call can be listened to here: