• Wes Christian Talks Naked Shorting & $MMTLP

    A Junk Savvy space call included Wes Christian and Roger Hamilton along with George Palikaras and John Brda.

    The discussion gets going around 7 minutes in.

    Wes addresses the Forbes article which attacked him and his fight against naked shorting. He also spoke on the overall naked shorting issues and the various litigation he is overseeing for MMTLP, MMAT and even GTII.

    In the later Q&A portion, Wes talks specifically about MMAT / TRCH / and MMTLP and does refer to this as the “motherload of all naked shorts” that he’s seen in the 21 years of him working on this, but can’t share much more until the investigation concludes.

    Wes also indicated that these investigations take “months and months” due to pushback they are receiving but they are moving forward now and things should be sped up with the new assistance of Meta Materials.

    George Palikaras was also in the space and spoke near the end along with John Brda.