• What’s Bugging Me Continued Coverage

    Dennis Kneale lays out all of his podcast coverage of MMTLP.

    One of the more recent allies for MMTLP has been journalist and podcaster Dennis Kneale. His podcast “What’s Bugging Me” available on Ricochet and Apple Podcasts has devoted a great deal of time to the MMTLP saga.

    Former podcast guests have included Johnny Tabacco, Junk Savvy, Cyntax, Representative Ralph Norman, and HAM the shortkiller.

    The most recent episode (#8) from February 29th features MMTLP community advocate Anna.

    We’re all extremely grateful for the exposure and coverage Dennis has been offering to the MMTLP Community.

    Be sure to listen to his podcasts and pass on the word.

    An EIN Press Release was also sent out with the above information.