• An Update From Team DC

    BusyBrands hosted a space call Sunday with an update from Richie and the DC team.

    The two-week trip to DC has ended for for the latest DC trip. An update space call with information about Richie (DON), Matt, Annette, Kimberly, Jen and the rest of the DC team is available.

    Here is a segment from the space call with Richie

    Big thanks to everyone on the DC team and the community that has helped schedule the meetings. Also thanks to everyone that supported the team with monetary contributions.

    94 in-person meetings
    75 packets were dropped off with offices.

    Impact letters are making a difference. You can still submit yours! They have been the “star of the show”.

    Thanks to BusyBrands for hosting the recap meeting along with co-host Mr. Bagelman.

    Prayers for Richie’s father, who is currently in the hospital.

    The full space call can be listened to here on the below tweet from BusyBrands. The call starts about 4 minutes in.