• Submit Your IMPACT Letter!

    Sometimes the best way to tell a story is not with facts and figures. Here’s how to help out with the Impact campaign letters.

    As we pass 450 days with frozen funds, our efforts to Congress and getting the word out about the MMTLP injustice have truly made a difference.

    But it’s the human element that oftentimes pulls someone into our saga. You can send all the spreadsheets and trading charts you want, but it’s the stories of shareholders and how this has affected them that has the most impact. Hence, the IMPACT campaign. The first deadline for sharing letters is this FRIDAY at 10pm EST. This will ensure letters get to Don in DC on Monday.

    But you can still send in letters after the deadline. Our efforts are ongoing!

    Community member Craig Dubs has been spearheading the Impact effort and helping to share these shareholder stories far and wide.

    Craig mentions that Texas, Florida and Arizona have had tremendous success with sharing heartfelt stories by shareholders. So Craig is helping to organize more stories from around the world to be shared with Congress and the media.

    MMTLP Studios pioneered the idea of shareholder stories via video, and you’ve seen examples of these on their website and in Revolution and a recent follow-up video called IMPACT. Southern California shareholders Laker Jay and Brent also shared some of their struggles in the newest Collusion video.

    Real stories like these make a difference.

    DC Rock star Don Fizz is headed back to Washington and wants to share your stories with Congress. So please submit your letters to Craig, who has setup a special e-mail address just for the letters:


    Your letters don’t have to be long. You don’t have to be an award winning writer. Just share from your heart your journey with MMTLP and what it’s meant for you and your family. Letters ca be sent as a PDF file, a Word Document, or just in inline e-mail. Pictures are encouraged to go with your letters but not required.


    Not sure how to get started? Several community members have offered advice on how to put your letters together.

    Junk Savvy has laid out a tweet with everything you need to know.

    And community member JoRL gives some great guidelines as well.

    Please help out by preparing your letters as soon as possible.

    Thank you to everyone that has submitted a letter. You are making a difference.

    Thank you to Craig Dubs for helping to collect and sort out all of the submissions, including some fake submissions meant to sabotage the effort. The bad actors are everywhere. But in the end, they’ll never win.