• MMTLP Featured in Documentary Trailer

    A trailer for the upcoming documentary has been released by Mark Faulk.

    The trailer, which deals head-on with Naked Shorting, shows how the fight began in the Senate way back in 2009.

    The trailer features members of the MMTLP community plus APE/AMC investors and other tickers affected by naked short selling or counterfeit shares.

    You can watch it here on this YouTube link:

    The well-produced trailer features MMTLP community member Anna, attorney Wes Christian, attorney Mark Basile, William Farrand, Kristen Shaughnessy, Frank Nez, and more.

    The four-minute trailer was written and directed by Mark Faulk, with cinematography by Jamal Williams and Roderick Berko and music by Anthony Acid and Aranda.

    From what we understand, this is going to be a TV series, and one of the episodes will deal with naked shorting.

    Unfortunately, no release date or outlet for distribution has been given. We reached out to Mark for more details and will keep you up to date when we learn more.

    UPDATE April 4, 2022: We contacted Mark Faulk via X, and while he read our messages, he has chosen not to reply to our inquiry with information on a date and outlet where the programming will be distributed.