• OTC Markets Compelled To Give Names

    The OTC Markets have been compelled to turn over names of the individuals and/or entities responsible for making MMTLP trade, or give a reason why they cannot.

    This is the result of a filing from the Basile Law Firm (Steamroller LLC v. OTC Markets) filed quite recently. Read about the case filing here.

    This is excellent news and thanks to Junk Savvy for first reporting on this.

    While the order stops short of forcing OTC to give the names right away, it compels them to come into court on December 14th to present reasons why they can not. They could give out the names beforehand, but we’re quite sure some BS reasons will be presented. Hopefully the judge will see through any stonewalling and a full on order will be issued to require the names.

    We love this case because it’s short, simple and straight to the point. Let’s find out who the bad actors are who forced MMTLP to trade. Once we find this out, we’ll likely know who the culrpits are of most or all of the abusive short selling and counterfeit shares.

    This is a breaking news story, and will be updated as more info is available.