• Senate Questions Gary Gensler on MMTLP

    We did it! All our community efforts got Gary Gensler questioned LIVE about MMTLP at the Senate hearing on Tuesday.

    BREAKING: We did it again! Gary Gensler asked about the share count at the 2nd Senate Hearing. Read More Here.

    Gary Gensler was questioned by Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho on the MMTLP fiasco during the Senate hearing for a full 5 minutes.

    While we thought it was a longshot, it actually happened!

    Many people seem upset at the answers that Gary Gensler gave, however in our opinion the point of the questioning wasn’t for Gary to admit fault– something we knew he would never do. The issue of MMTLP was now live streamed to EVERYONE and the entire fiasco is now out there for the the press and others to investigate further.

    Thank you Senator Crapo from Idaho for questioning Gary and even asking for the Aggregated Audited Share Count.

    All of this is a result of the investigation demanded by 15 members of Congress in one letter, along with the other allies in Congress that have surfaced afterwards.

    You can download the full video by clicking here.

    Thank you JenKap, who organized the Idaho efforts with Senator Crapo.

    To our Community – We did this! Your calls, emails and letters did this.

    This is just one more step on a road to victory for MMTLP shareholders!