• Community Sentiment Remains High

    We are literally 4 days away from 500 days without our funds. Despite this, community sentiment remains high for some.

    Several community members have been in Space calls bringing positive sentiment to our situation at a time that it can seem grim.

    Community member and DD extraordinaire Kurtis had this to say to encourage shareholders.

    “With 100% certainty, my belief is that this will be resolved positively for us. The difference is, we have the potential of influencing the timeline and the methodology of that resolution. We need with everything we have…to find our second wind at this point in time and advocate, push [relentlessly] for YOUR Representatives and YOUR Senators to advocate for a hearing to be called upon for $MMTLP #NBH and all the circumstances surrounding it…l am telling you, if we get a date on the calendar, it is going to be a positive windfall for us. It does not happen if you don’t put in the work. Reach out, advocate, do the written communications…it does make a difference.”


    Community member Drew recently commented in response to Kurtis’ message. “$MMTLP I share @bleedblue18’s 100% certainty. And agree that we need to put in the work.”

    The statement from Kurtis comes from this Junk Savvy space at around 3 hours and 13 minutes into the space.

    We are at an important time in this saga. It’s essential that we get a hearing on the calendar before the election. The ASK remains the same as a few weeks ago.

    Please, take a few minutes and call your Representative. E-mail them. Tweet them. Submit this form.

    As a community, we can make this happen.