• Confirmations on MMTLP Topic From Town Hall

    UPDATE: We have obtained the presentation from the Pete Sessions town hall and it is available to download here. The last 5 slides deal with MMTLP.

    UPDATE: We have obtained an audio recording of this event and the MMTLP discussion. Head here to listen.

    Yesterday we reported on a community member attending the Pete Sessions town hall in Hewitt, Texas. Today we have further proof that MMTLP was a topic of the event.

    Some of the video captured by KWTX TV shows Sessions speaking in front of a presentation screen that has boxes listing MMTLP in an apparent timeline of events.

    While we don’t currently do not have a shot of the full presentation of this timeline, it does confirm that the topic was discussed.

    MMTLP Resources has obtained this screenshot of the meeting agenda. It doesn’t list MMTLP as a topic, but it was likely part of his discussion under “Congressman Sessions Presentation”. This agenda appears to be a broad overview of the event.

    Sessions has previously hammered Gary Gensler on his performance and obfuscation regarding other market issues.

    MMTLP being featured at this town hall is a very positive development. Knowing that Sessions took time from his local town hall to share details on MMTLP, an issue that is clearly not hyper-local to his district, is encouraging.

    While we don’t know for sure what angle Sessions and his staff see MMTLP (James Angel vs. the John Brda truth), we continue to have hope that this Congressman truly understands the situation from a shareholder point of view and will fight for truth and justice.

    With all this positive information, it may be a good time to resurrect and retweet this previous tweet from Krucialmix from April 2023:

    On July 14th, Pete Sessions will hold his next town hall. Can we have some MMTLP shareholders attend and get a video recording?