• Shareholder Congressional Meetings Offer Hope

    Since just days after the MMTLP halt community members have focused on seeking help from Congress. After more than 200 days some members are still visiting in person to seek help.

    While we still have several litigation and legal routes to a solution, and possibly even negotiations we may not be privy to, working with amenable Congressional Representatives is an important step to victory.

    While we’ve all called representatives and their offices countless times, sent countless emails and tweets, real progress gets done when you can actually meet with your Congressional leaders or their staff. IRL. Community members have done this in both Washington DC and their local districts.

    A special shout out to community members that recently got to speak to their representatives in person.

    US Representative Pete Sessions (Texas 17th Congressional District) has been one of those representatives and staff that has been willing to listen. While there’s been some confusion in the past over just how much his office has been doing for us, we have most recently learned of more positive news. Heidi Moga, a community member who just attended the Pete Sessions Town Hall had this to say about her interaction with a Sessions’ staffer.

    He cautiously shared enough information to make me feel absolutely certain Mr. Sessions is working long and hard on our behalf.

    -Heidi Moga

    Pete Sessions is a member of the Committee on Financial Services and the Committee on Oversight and Reform. In short, he’s one of the members that can truly help us. Michael the Sicilian reported that MMTLP was mentioned during his recent Town Hall.

    Other community members have also been able to make contact with their representatives, including qntainmnt with Pete Sessions as well.


    While Cyntax has met with staff of Session’s office, she recently travelled to Matt Gaetz’s (Florida’s 1st Congressional District) office to speak with staff and advocated for a photo trend started by Colleen Tripp from Virginia.

    Then there’s the still Mystery Meeting between a Congressional member (or staff) and John Brda.

    Will any of these grass roots meetings help our cause? I believe they will. The more (kind) pressure we put on our representatives the more we will be heard and eventually understood.

    This is an open call to all community members to continue to stand up and make ourselves heard.

    Whether you’re a Congressional tweet warrior like PaulT, a live on-air Twitter space Congressional caller like Drew Diligence or Jack Smitty, or a walking the halls champion like Anna Trades, it all makes a difference.

    Let’s keep the pressure up. Why? Because FINRA wants us to stop. That’s reason enough.