• Cyntax Requests IC3.gov Complaint Submissions

    Community member Cyntax, in a fairly cryptic tweet suggests some upcoming positive action with MMTLP “later”, but has requested that the community file some new IC3.gov complaints.

    While the IC3 gov complaint form has been around for awhile in our Advocacy Complaints section, Cyntax seems to be taking this in a interesting direction.

    She’s asked us to file these same complaints for both James Angel and Georgetown University for their roles in disinformation and dishonesty regarding the Angel presentation to Congress we now have the slide deck for.

    The IC3 website is tied in with the FBI, something Cyntax has championed in the past as far as reporting to and meeting with. To start your complaint, click here.

    Hopefully soon we’ll find out what’s brewing, but in the meantime please file her two requested complaints ASAP and we thank her for her efforts.