• Letter Wizard Update Includes Gensler Obfuscation

    An update to the MMTLP Letter Wizard includes the questioning of Gary Genser at the recent Senate Hearing.

    The MMTLP Letter Wizard is a tool that allows you to generate PDF letters that can be sent to members of Congress or the Senate by simply filling out a few fields and clicking a button.

    Uniquely, the letter wizard allows you to enter your own personal hardship story to personalize your letter.

    While the wizard is designed for physical mailing of printed letters, some users generate the letter and copy and paste the text content for sending through email.

    The recent update to the letter brought the date tally up to “more than 275 days” and more inportantly includes the recent development with Gary Gensler being questioned during the Senate hearing.

    The revised paragraph from the letter is shown below.

    Finally, several Members of Congress are now supporting an investigation into MMTLP. A letter signed by 15 Representatives of the Financial Services Committee was sent to Gary Gensler.

    On September 12, 2023 U.S. Senator Mike Crapo from Idaho questioned Gary Gensler during the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs for a full five minutes. Mr. Gensler’s obfuscated attempt at answering questions did not satisfy anyone involved in this fiasco.

    Will you join this effort that has both Republican and Democratic support and openly call for an investigation as well? A recently granted FOIA request has given our community access to FINRA and SEC emails which clearly show these regulators knew of counterfeit share activity for well over a year — yet did nothing.

    You can generate your own letters using this link.