• Roza Tawil Hosts Live YouTube Q&A

    Saturday evening Roza Tawil showed up live for an MMTLP Q&A on her YouTube Channel.


    You can tune in live with the above link. Or, go to her new YouTube Channel.

    Roza took questions through chat and still shows that she’s ready to fight — all the way to the Supreme Court!

    Her advice was that there are two ways to handle this situation.

    1. Legislative — Our interactions with Congress
    2. Judicial — Getting in front of the right judge through litigation

    She reccommends that we should continue to pursue both avenues. For her, the judicial route is something that she can do herself and is committed to pursue.

    She also discouraged (not legal advice) starting class action lawsuits at this time. Her reasoning was that we do not have the proof of harm yet.

    Since this was a livestream, you’ll be able to listen to this after it’s completed. She gave a wealth of information on the MMTLP situation and we appreciate her time. Cat lovers will appreciate the ocassional visit from Sashimi as well.

    My only wish was that I could go over there for just a second and tilt her camera down!