• What’s With These Class Action Lawsuits?

    A second class action lawsuit involving MMTLP is filed. What does it all mean?

    This post is not legal advice, and no one at MMTLP Resources is an attorney. Everyone should consult their attorney to make the best choice for themselves.

    I think most of the MMTLP community on X has agreed. NO CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS. The overwhelming majority of active shareholders have rejected any kind of class action for MMTLP. Some have talked of starting a class action process AFTER we have a settlement or trading.

    This is because in general most class action lawsuits only benefit the attorneys involved and shareholders would receive little or nothing in cases that can drag out for years.

    On Friday, March 15th a second class action lawsuit was filed in New York. This class action lawsuit claims misleading statements by Next Bridge.


    The official release on this filing is available here.

    Attorney Richard Hofman discusses the new class action and his thoughts on the motivations on his YouTube Channel.

    There have also been talks by community members for awhile that once a class action lawsuit is filed, Congress will no longer work with us.

    If this were the case, wouldn’t Ari Rubenstein have filed a class action lawsuit last year to keep us from making all the progress we have with Congress?

    A previous class action lawsuit from February 27th proposes a settlement on behalf of Torchlight Energy and Meta Materials holders.

    Information on this lawsuit can be found here.

    As further described in the Notice, you will be bound by any Judgment entered in the Litigation, regardless of whether you submit a Proof of Claim and Release, unless you exclude yourself from the Settlement Class, in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Long Notice, no later than April 23, 2024 to the Claims Administrator.


    While this suit contains claims specific to statements from the company regarding the tech assets of the merger, you can join the class action or you can opt out.

    This post is not legal advice, everyone can do what they feel is best for them.

    So what’s the consensus on these class action lawsuits from the X community of shareholders? Unfortunately, there really isn’t one. You can see from this tweet:

    It is advised you seek advice from your attorney and thoroughly read all documents to find out what’s best for you and how to handle these class actions.

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