• The Wonderful Eli Crane Follow-up

    The Congressman who wrote the first MMTLP Congressional letter tweets a 1-year follow-up message.

    The community has done an exceptional job of getting members of Congress to understand the MMTLP saga. As a result, we have 11 letters with 26 signatures.

    Crane’s first letter dates back to July 14, 2023 and was addressed to both Gary Gensler and Patrick McHenry of the House Financial Services Committee.

    While every letter thereafter is wonderful for our cause, there hasn’t been much in the way of responses or follow-ups from any Members of Congress. At least not publicly.

    On December 8th, 2023 Arizona Representative Crane marked the 1-year anniversary of the trading halt with a tweet of his continued support.

    Thank you Representative Crane for your continued support of our cause. We’d love to see every other Representative that signed a letter to publicly renew their support via X.

    You can view an archive of all the Congressional letters here.