• What’s Up With FORBES?

    FORBES has been hitting hard against MMTLP and the entire Next Bridge investment lately, but why?

    The online Forbes magazine has posted the MMTLP “Cartoon” dozens of times over the last couple weeks and has been actively trying to discredit the entire MMTLP investment.

    What reason would they have for bashing MMTLP so badly? They spent 6-months of resources creating it. They are no stranger to MMTLP bashing though, back in April they published a hit-piece article citing sources such as James Angel.

    Several community members have dug deeper and have comments.

    Krucialmix sent out a tweet which simply lists text from the FORBES Wikipedia page, showing their true colors.

    Harvard University reports Forbes as a “platform for scams, grift, and bad journalism”. Sounds about right.

    MMTLP daily YouTuber Andy did some deep due diligence on the ownership of Forbes involving Russian Oligarchs and a potential reason why they are so after MMTLP.

    We recommend you follow Andy and his Money Management channel on YouTube. While he is not an original investor in MMTLP, he is currently the most active YouTuber with daily videos on the continuing saga.

    And finally, Community member and attorney Richard Hofman has sent a letter to Forbes legal department regarding their “libelous and slanderous” attacks.

    Richard’s full letter is posted below.

    Forbes has questionable ownership ties and their journalism has pretty much been outed as that of a content farm looking for clicks.

    Surprisingly, their own print publication featured the original article on Naked Shorting way back in February 1998.

    Some community members such as Kostas have gone as far as creating AI based cartoons of their own to mock Forbes.

    There hasn’t been any response via tweets to any of the MMTLP communities’ outrage over their constant bash posting.

    At least this isn’t turning into another Charles Gasparino back and forth, which in our opinion, is pretty pointless.