• The MMTLP Crew is Back in DC. Here’s How You Can Help

    The MMTLP crew of Matt, Kimberly, Jen and Don Fizz are back in DC advocating for every one of you.

    DC Rockstar Richie, also known as Don Fizz, spent weeks in DC booking meeting after meeting with Congressional Representatives sharing the story of MMTLP.

    After extending his trip multiple times, he finally went back home for a much needed recharge and to see his pup.

    Last week he announced he’s headed back to DC and this time there’s more power people with him as well.

    Junk Savvy reports about how you can help set meetings.

    In short, we need to continue to make calls to our Representatives and as their constituent, ask them to “take a meeting with your representative” regarding MMTLP.

    It’s perfect, because you only need to share the overall story about MMTLP and get their attention enough to take a meeting.

    Their current online calendar allows you to conveniently schedule the meeting with a few clicks.

    The calendar availability shows dates and times through this week and next. As of this story, there’s only 3 meeting times available for this week.

    With our MMTLP Ground Force walking the halls of Congress, it’s up to you to help get the meetings!

    Thanks to all of the team in DC this week helping out. We all appreciate your efforts.

    More meetings. More chance for a resolution. Please reach out to your rep and try to help.

    You can also contact @arjcinfo @JunkSavvy MetaGuyMarduk or @Giftsonglass to find out more.

    IMPACT Letters are still being accepted by emailing them to IMPACTmmtlp@gmail.com.